About us

Magaza Balkan Fine Food offers you your favourite products from across the Balkan region. It is the first mini-market of its kind in the UK. We are proud to say we have products which you have never seen in the UK before. Magaza offers are variety of smoked meat, a range of pickled salads. With a selection of snacks to satisfy anybodies sweet-tooth. You can also find everything else to you make your favorite traditional dishes using the traditional ingredients you grew up with.

It is our responsibility to work with our community to make sure all there culinary desires are fufilled by offering them the best quality and price possible. By working directly with several companies across the Balkan region we strive to make sure that nothing is missing for our customers. We are a family run business working together to help you create your favourite dishes for your family and friends.

We are proud that Magaza now also has its own brand. Our products are stocked by many ethnic markets and wholesalers and distributors all around the UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Holland, and Germany.