About Us

Your one-stop shop for all your favorite traditional dishes

Over the last twenty-four years since we have lived in London, our family and many others, were not able to buy most of the products that originated from countries such as Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia. Products which help produce or accompany our favourite meals.

We noticed this gap in the food sector and we took it upon ourselves to grasp the opportunity of opening the first all in one Balkan grocery store. Our retail store opened in December 2011 with queue of people even before our official opening.

Since then we have been working hard to consistently import products never previously seen in the UK.

We had been encouraged by the response of our customers over time and realised it was time to take the next step by opening a wholesale to supply not only ourselves but other ethnic shops around The UK and Ireland.

In November 2014 Magaza Wholesale limited began trade. We are first company who brought popular brands to the UK market such as, Klas, Jami, Gavrilovic, Brajlovic Austria, Mamas, Paska Sirana, Carnex, Natureta, Mlekarna Celje Etc.

Our philosophy has always been to provide quality products with generous quantity at the most competitive price.

We are proud that Magaza now also has its own brand and our products are stocked by many ethnic markets and wholesalers and distributors all around the UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Holland, and Germany.

Our Commitment is to maintain the quality and value of our core products from the Balkan region and continuously to bring new products. We are very grateful to everyone who has over the last five years purchased our products and moved us to the next level of opening a warehouse and exporting our brand and other products to fulfil in a huge market gap.